The tour will start in Chicago with a practice game on Sunday, January 15th and finish off in Boston with the final game and closing banquet at Brookline Country Club on Sunday 5th February.

The places we’ll visit and the tour route are shown on the map. Click on a marker to find out about the matches and our host clubs.  You can also see a list of venues by clicking on the wee door in the top left of the map header.

We’ll start off 6 hours behind UK time, so for games starting at 10:00am, it will be 4:00pm back home.  Once we reach Detroit, we’ll have caught up an hour and be in Eastern time when the 10:00am start will be 3:00pm in UK.  Simples!

Some notable points between games:

Saturday, 14th – Arrive in Chicago

Sunday, 15th – Tour of Chicago & Practice with USCA 2012 Scotland Tourists

Thursday, 19th – Our shortest bus ride – 30mins, Madison to Arlington

Friday, 20th – Centreville on Inauguration Day

Sunday, 29th – Flights: Fargo-Chicago & Chicago-Detroit

Monday, 30th – Burns Supper at Mayfield Country Club

Tuesday 31st – Our longest bus ride  – 5h:45m to Utica

Wednesday, 1st – Flights: Syracuse-Washington & Tour of Washington

Thursday, 2nd – Tour of Philadelphia

Sunday, 4th – Closing banquet at The Country Club, Brookline

Monday, 6th – Free day in Boston & Flight home

Click here for the  finalised-tour-schedule