Day 1 – 14th January

For months it’s been getting


and at 7.30 pm on Friday evening at the Holiday Inn Glasgow The 2017 Scotland Team Tour to USA officially got the GO.

As far as we know, we all had brought every one of the 50-odd items of clothing, gifts and sets of badges for our hosts-to-be in the US – although there was bit of surreptitious sharing of the Tour Song Book.

After a bit of socialising, and a bit more socialising we sat down to dinner. Captain Clive aka Royal Club President Clive Thomson, quietly kept the proceedings in good order. Judge David McIntyre, in wig and gown plus mean-looking gavel extracted penalties from most of us for misdemeanours – whether actually or potentially done. His imagination was exceeded only by the hilarity round the table when excuses or even the slightest protest was offered. Yes, we really were beginning to settle down as a Tour.

That was a hard act to follow but Malcolm MacAskill brought us back onto order to get ready to practise the Tour Song Book – even getting us to do vocal and upper-body exercises. It seemed to work, and Malcolm has promised he’ll keep on making us improve – good luck, Malcolm. All round, the evening was a great way to start our time together on Tour, and with a 6.15 am photoshoot most of us didn’t hang around too long after….whatever time it may have been!

All credit to us (hmmm) the photoshoot started on time proving that at least on one occasion we could respond to our alarms. Having cleared procedures at Glasgow Airport we arrived in Dublin at 10 am, and cleared the US Immigration process without a hitch.

In Dublin IanThePhoto, aka Ian Young, got photos of each team in playing order – and still smiling.

We’ve just had the first call for our Chicago flight so, from us all to you all at home in Scotland ….We’re ready, holding Steady and we’ll GO and do Scotland proud.


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