The return of the Coo

Well we were heading for Portage and having a grand time when the bus was pulled over by Portage’s finest.  The bus driver was all a quiver as we drew to a stop and they came on  board.  Information is a wonderful thing in this day and age and they knew.  They immediately  called on our courier,  to step forward. img_03123056 A quick search of his jacket revealed the missing  mascot. With Russ screamin’ its a fit-up, they headed downtown to the jailhouse to get things sorted out.  Turns out Sandy had been off having a grand time, cavorting with other cuddly toys on the conveyor belt img_03103058of life.   The wee bugger had had such a great time he wasn’t so sure he wanted to be back on the bus but anyway he’s been kept in the cattle crush of Kenny’s arms since then and is going nowhere else soon.  Loads of fun with  that and some grateful appreciation to the  Portage Police department for making it all seem so real.  Superb!


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