The stage is set…..

Well, with Christmas done and dusted, thoughts turn to the new year and what it might hold. One of the first things is of course the incoming party of American men who aim to retain the Herries Maxwell Trophy. They arrive on 6th January to play 32 matches in 18 ice rinks from Inverness down to Dumfries and from Renfrewshire across to Aberdeen. We aim to make their trip a memorable affair with some keenly contested games and unrivalled hospitality. Bookmark this post and watch this space for more information. For now, we are looking forward to welcoming them in.


2022 USA tour members announced

The USCA has announced their Men’s team to tour Scotland in January 2022. With the restrictions necessary this season on playing the sport, it is heartening to hear that plans are being made for this much anticipated rematch. It really is something positive to look forward to and on this side of the Atlantic, the 2017 Scot’s tour members are setting about the arrangements to make it a memorable experience for our visitors. More details of the announcement and tour members can be found via the link 2022 MEN’S SCOTLAND TOUR 

Tour End

We’re all safely back home and already reminiscing about the great times had.

Until we can get sorting through the very many photos from the tour, here is a link to the Presentation played at the final evening banquet at The Country Club.tour-end.  This is a Powerpoint document and would need to be downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer.

Select slide show and let it play.

Honorary Tourist – Jason Deprez

img_19563129-jasonOur bus driver for the second half of the tour has been Jason Deprez who also hails from Sheboygan Wisconsin. Like Dave Kirchstein, Jason drove the last Scottish tour around the same route in 2007. He dropped us off at Syracuse for our flight to Washington and made his own way to meet up with us again at Philadelphia. It was pretty challenging meeting some of the travel schedule but he got us there.   Excellent driving through the snowy Cleveland area!!   It has been really well appreciated by all of us.

Once he drops us at Boston for the flight home, he’ll be able to start heading home himself.  Hope you get to do the next tour too Jason.  Thanks.

Honorary Tourist – Bob Chandler

img_4010Bob has been with us since the swap-over at Saint Paul and has been our courier on the second leg of the tour.  His home curling club is Boston CC and we’ve really enjoyed him being with us as we’ve travelled back into his home territory. Our luck seemed to change a wee bit with his arrival but unfortunately couldn’t be sustained.

Bob made the last tour to Scotland in 2012 and  it has been really great that he has been able to guide us in our trip.  He knows what is involved with a tour and he has been an immense help to us all, keeping us to the very tight schedule and making sure all the tour admin is kept ship-shape.  We’ll soon be at the tour end and have to say our farewells but in the meantime, thanks Bob .  You’ve been a star.  Cheers!

Featured Player – Bill Byers

Bill is playing third in Clive Thomson’s team Mull.  He is our website creator and webmaster for the tour.  Having posted comments and insights on his fellow team members, he is attempting to hide.  He provided some personal bits of his own.
img_6854“ My home is in Earlston, in the Scottish Borders. Now 59, my career has been in the water supply industry and I am currently a specialist with the Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland.
Sheena and I have been married for 34 years and have two children, Vicki and Rory.
I’ve been a member of Earlston Curling Club for over 30 years and, more recently, of DAFS (Midlothian). I do most of my curling at Border Ice Rink, Kelso.
I’ve been President of Border Province, a Committee member of Border Ice Rink, where I coach when I can and have twice been President of my home club.
I’ve played in the Scottish Seniors Championships for five years, and last year we reached the final eight. I’ve also played a number of times in the Edinburgh International Seniors.
I have enjoyed playing in Scotland against the tough competition of touring teams – including USA curlers, and the socialising afterwards. I look forward to renewing friendships with as many as possible of these USA curlers, and meeting new ones on this tour.  I enjoy music and attending concerts, photography and a bit of gardening.”

Featured Player – William Paterson

William is playing lead in Alex Dickson’s team Tiree.  He has taken to touring very well and is the strong, silent type.  The ‘quiet man’ of the team, he is always where the action is, taking note of what is going on, keeping council and generally being a right good guy.  He was suspected of being a deep cover mole for the judge but has lately attracted a number if infractions, so possibly not.
img_6499“I’m 59 and farm Barr of Spottes Farm, Castle Douglas, which is in South-West Scotland.My family is Christine my wife, daughters Lindsay, Kirsty and Fiona, and grandson Jay who is six years old.

My home Club is Kirkpatrick-Durham, instituted in 1831. We curl at Dumfries Ice Bowl. I am in my sixth year as President of my Club, and recently completed my two-year term as President of Stewartry Province.  I’m proud to have won the Stewartry Province ‘Vale of Urr’ trophy twice, and also the inter county Stewartry v Dumfriesshire ‘Craigielands’ trophy.

On tour I’m most looking forward to curling against fellow-curlers from USA, and seeing a country I haven’t visited before.

I enjoy watching football, both by being at games and on TV, and travelling to parts of the world I haven’t been to before.”

Featured Player – Bill Arnot

Bill is playing lead in Ian Young’s team Islay.  He is also match secretary and I/C Morning Class.  As the title suggests, Bill has taken on two of the most important roles in any tour.  Although mixing the onerous job of dispensing morning medicine with the need to keep fastidious track of and the reporting of scores????  I guess we’ll see how that has gone.  img_6488“Back home, I am a farmer to the core. At Kilmux Farm, Leven, Fife, a holding of 500 acres, we have beef cattle and mixed arable.
I’m 58 and my family is Carole, my wife, daughter Jenny and son David. My clubs are Lundin and Montrave which curl at Kirkcaldy.
I have been Club President and Club Treasurer; President of our Province and of our Area; and a member of the RCCC Areas Standing Committee.
Any successes I’ve had in curling have been minor and in the past, but then and now I’ve been glad to enjoy the sporting participation and fun that curling offers.
Spending time on Tour with my colleagues will be something special, visiting so many parts of the USA and the legendary morning class.
I have run marathons in three continents and an ultra-marathon. I enjoy cooking, and have travelled away from the usual tourist spots in many countries.”