Honorary Tourist – Russ Brown

img_2083Russ has been with us since the day we landed in Chicago and has been our courier on the first leg of the tour.  His home curling club is Exmoor and whilst we were in that neck of the woods he was responsible for much of the organisation of the tour visit there.  He said he’d be able to relax once we got on the road and it would all be a bit easier.  WRONG!  As a group, we really do need to be taken care of you know. As for looking after the cattle on board – you’ll have read of his problems with Sandy and the Portage Police Department. Nothing more to say here.

Russ made the last tour to Scotland in 2012 and for those who played against that tour, it’s been great to meet up with him again.  He knows what is involved with a tour and he has been an immense help to us all, keeping us to the very tight schedule and been great with advice on how to deal with the rigours of touring.  When we get to Saint Paul on Thursday 26th, we have a hand over to Bob Chandler for the remainder of the tour.  Thanks Russ. You’ve earned a wee rest.  See you at the finish line.


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