Honorary Tourist – David Kirchstein

Our bus driver for the first half of the tour has been David Kirchstein from Sheboygan Wisconsin. Daveimg_1765-dave-kirchstein is immensely experienced with this sort of tour and drove the last Scottish tour around the same route in 2007.  Boy!  Has he had some stories.  Top bus driver and all round excellent guy, keeping us well provisioned with stuff and looking after all the loading and unloading of tour gear so we could head off and meet new people.  With a nice dry sense of humour, he as offered commentary on the local communities we visited and insights into the views we should have been seeing when it was too foggy to see anything.  It has been really well appreciated by all of us.

Once he drops us at Fargo for the flight to Chicago & Detroit, he’ll be able to wend his way home.  Sincerely hope you get to do the next tour Dave. They will be in for a treat.


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