Featured Player – Clarke Perry

Clarke is playing second in Callum Harvey’s team Iona.  He plays his cards close to his chest, does Clarke but in conversation with him, we learn that he is definitely the outdoorsy type, enjoying windswept seas, windswept mountains and windswept golf courses.  Not sure how that explains the love of indoor curling but, Hey Ho!

img_2087“I am from Glasgow and have a son, Dale.
At 58 years old, I am a quantity Surveyor and Company Director.
My clubs are Drystanes and Giffnock and I’m a past President of the Giffnock club.
I curl at both Braehead and at Greenacres ice rinks.
On tour, what I’m most looking forward to is meeting the third Mrs Perry.
For recreation and leisure I sail, ski and play golf.”


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