Featured Player – Jim Ramsay

img_6634Jim is playing third in Ian Young’s team Islay.  He is our Tour Secretary and has ensured we all managed to get everything in order for the trip.  Good appointment that, since organisation seems to be his forte (or at least one of his forte’s).
“My home is at Penicuik, eleven miles south of Edinburgh. I am 63 years old and a convenience store operator.
Pamela, my wife and I have three grown-up sons and two grandchildren.
My clubs are Penicuik, which was instituted in 1815 and the home of the first Grand Match, and DAFS. Murrayfield Curling Rink, Edinburgh is my home rink.
I am President of Edinburgh Curling Club Ltd (ECCL), and was President of Penicuik. ECCL has a major stake in Murrayfield Curling Rink. It acts in the role of an umbrella for the eighty or more local clubs that play at Murrayfield, providing a wider variety of competitions than any local club could.
I introduced and have organised the annual Edinburgh International Curlers’ Gathering. My own ‘best competition results’ are still to come – I hope!
As to the tour, my ambition is to get my hands on the Herries Maxwell Trophy and bring it back to Scotland.
Between work and curling I fit in a regular slot on community radio and a bit of golf.”


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