Featured Player – Bill Arnot

Bill is playing lead in Ian Young’s team Islay.  He is also match secretary and I/C Morning Class.  As the title suggests, Bill has taken on two of the most important roles in any tour.  Although mixing the onerous job of dispensing morning medicine with the need to keep fastidious track of and the reporting of scores????  I guess we’ll see how that has gone.  img_6488“Back home, I am a farmer to the core. At Kilmux Farm, Leven, Fife, a holding of 500 acres, we have beef cattle and mixed arable.
I’m 58 and my family is Carole, my wife, daughter Jenny and son David. My clubs are Lundin and Montrave which curl at Kirkcaldy.
I have been Club President and Club Treasurer; President of our Province and of our Area; and a member of the RCCC Areas Standing Committee.
Any successes I’ve had in curling have been minor and in the past, but then and now I’ve been glad to enjoy the sporting participation and fun that curling offers.
Spending time on Tour with my colleagues will be something special, visiting so many parts of the USA and the legendary morning class.
I have run marathons in three continents and an ultra-marathon. I enjoy cooking, and have travelled away from the usual tourist spots in many countries.”


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