Featured Player – Bill Byers

Bill is playing third in Clive Thomson’s team Mull.  He is our website creator and webmaster for the tour.  Having posted comments and insights on his fellow team members, he is attempting to hide.  He provided some personal bits of his own.
img_6854“ My home is in Earlston, in the Scottish Borders. Now 59, my career has been in the water supply industry and I am currently a specialist with the Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland.
Sheena and I have been married for 34 years and have two children, Vicki and Rory.
I’ve been a member of Earlston Curling Club for over 30 years and, more recently, of DAFS (Midlothian). I do most of my curling at Border Ice Rink, Kelso.
I’ve been President of Border Province, a Committee member of Border Ice Rink, where I coach when I can and have twice been President of my home club.
I’ve played in the Scottish Seniors Championships for five years, and last year we reached the final eight. I’ve also played a number of times in the Edinburgh International Seniors.
I have enjoyed playing in Scotland against the tough competition of touring teams – including USA curlers, and the socialising afterwards. I look forward to renewing friendships with as many as possible of these USA curlers, and meeting new ones on this tour.  I enjoy music and attending concerts, photography and a bit of gardening.”


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