Featured Player – Callum Harvey

Callum is Skip of team Iona.  He is probably the most laid-back member of our party where, it has been observed, he is pretty much unruffled by any situation.  Maybe that comes from his line of work.  Actually he was one of the first to be nearly laid out with the tour cold but he soldiered on wrapped up like a garden gnome. “I am 54 and a farmer at Tranent, ten miles east of Edinburgh.img_2142
My wife Lorna and I have three children: Callum, Emma and Alastair.
I am a member of Oxenfoord and of Dirleton clubs. We curl at Murrayfield Curling Rink, Edinburgh.
I am President of both my Clubs and a former President of East Lothian Province.
My best memories of curling so far are curling outdoors – its natural environment – on a beautiful winter’s day with my late father’s pair of keen stones and my old corn broom. That’s curling as it’s meant to be – a lot of fun!
What I’m most looking forward to on tour is competing against all the US teams, then getting to know the curlers afterwards.
My interests and hobbies are skiing, visiting new places and the life-long task of trying to make two ears of corn grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before.”


One thought on “Featured Player – Callum Harvey

  1. Callum, so glad our random decision on Scotch in Wausau was spot-on. How were we to know you grow barley for the distillery!!! We will keep it safe and when we enjoy a wee dram, we will know why it tastes as it does…. your sweat.


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